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LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp Out Vs. LA Chargers With Groin Injury. Should Game Be Cancelled?

With so much hype being thrown at the rookie wide receiver, does a third preseason game without him even matter?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Oakland Raiders Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

There are many reasons to watch the third game of the 2017 preseason between the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers: #FightForLA, more playing time for QB Jared Goff, and to see the fringe players battle for a roster spot.

However, one reason for not watching the game (besides the fact that it’s the third preseason game, which usually is about as watchable as a John Travolta direct-to-DVD action thriller) is that fan favorite WR Cooper Kupp won’t be playing:

Yes, it’s just a minor injury that doesn’t seem to indicate that it will be a factor for Kupp going into the season. However, it goes to show what an impact Kupp has already made in just two preseason games. The guy moves the needle. He’s fun to watch. He’s Goff’s security blanket.

And if it wasn’t apparent, I’m completely in the tank for Kupp.

But I’m not the only one. Here is a live look at Rams Twitter right now.

These reactions are obviously tongue in cheek, but it’s an indicator that Kupp means a LOT to the Rams fans right now.

Let’s pray that his groin injury turns out to be nothing, because this hype train has been a blast so far.