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Old Salty Guys Are Not Impressed By Los Angeles Rams’ Head Coach Sean McVay

Mike Martz and Jason Whitlock, both older than McVay, prove that they’re less mature than a 31 year old.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Whitlock, a professional hot take provider for Fox Sports, felt it necessary to interrupt Eric Davis on the network’s Speak for Yourself show on Monday. At the time, Davis was providing praise for what Sean McVay, the NFL’s youngest head coach, has already been able to accomplish.

Davis: “One advantage he (Jared Goff) has right now is Sean McVay.”

Whitlock: “Doogie Howser. He’s a child.”

You can watch the entire 3:45 clip here.

While displaying reservations about going all aboard the Rams/Goff 2017 hype train, Davis and Cowherd both expressed optimism about what they’ve seen thus far in the short time with McVay as coach. But Whitlock remained unimpressed all the while.

A bit later in the segment (3:20 mark), Whitlock not only made his bold prediction for the Rams’ Week 1 match against the Colts, but took another jab at McVay:

The Colts, with Scott Tolzien or whatever his name is, Phil Tolzien, will come in here and run roughshod over Jared Goff, (and) the little 12 year old coach they got.

But Whitlock’s jabs wouldn’t be the only sustained by McVay.

In a piece run by SB Nation on Tuesday morning, there’s a snippet from former Rams’ offensive coordinator turned head coach Mike Martz - who dates back to the Greatest Show on Turf era - where he was asked if he thought McVay, who’s given a lot of credit for helping develop Kirk Cousins, could make a difference for Goff.

Martz came out swinging.

What is he, a couple of months older than Jared? They hired a buddy for Jared. The NFL has nothing to do with being the friend or the buddy of the quarterback. You've got to coach them and work them hard with respect. But buddy? And this guy is a quarterback expert? An offensive expert? Wait a minute while I puke. Right, he's going to be able to teach and handle and guide Jared through tough times because of all of his expertise and knowledge? Right. I'm not going to drink that Kool-Aid.

All things considered, it’s pretty sad that these men, supposed professionals, act in such a childish manner. Whitlock, now 50, is reduced to calling McVay a child, in the exact same moment that he’s acting like one. Martz took the disrespect to an entirely different level.

But what do the opinions of these two men really matter? The answer is they don't. Everything you’ve heard, from top of the organization down to the players, is that he’s doing a tremendous job of implementing the “We Not Me” culture, holding accountability to his players, upping the intensity of the offseason from years prior, and the football team (yeah, it’s the preseason) is showing signs of life — something that couldn’t have been said for McVay’s much older, much more experienced predecessor, Jeff Fisher, during his four year tenure with the team.

While McVay hasn’t earned the respect of Whitlock and Martz, and I’m sure he doesn’t care to, he’s earned it from his players and fellow coaches. And that’s what will truly matters.

Hopefully Whitlock and Martz will soon enjoy eating crow. How do reservations for Sunday, September 10 sound?