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2017 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 2 Practice Live Updates Thread

With DE Dominique Easley out for the season, the Rams return to the field for another day of training camp.

Los Angeles Rams 2017 Training Camp
Los Angeles Rams 2017 Training Camp
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

August 2

Practice begins at 3:00pm PT
Autographs: Running Backs, Wide Receivers

Things are sure to feel different today at the Los Angeles Rams Training Camp.

At practice yesterday, the Rams’ first in pads, DE Dominique Easley tore his ACL and will miss the entire 2017 regular season. So in what’s likely to be a somber, albeit focused, practices today, it’ll be interesting to see how the team and new Head Coach Sean McVay responds.


Sigh. Let this be the last injury prior to Week 1, please o ye Football Gods.

Have to note that WR Tavon Austin was also unable to finish practice, so he must have picked something up but the tenor of reporting suggests it was relatively minor.

Also, randomly, RB Todd Gurley tweeted out his support for three players undergoing surgery: Easley, Washington Football Group RB Keith Marshall ... and Rams FB Zach Laskey:

I haven’t seen any reporting on an injury to Laskey, so it’s a conspicuous addition. We’ll see if McVay brings Laskey up at his presser today.

We’ve also got backup RB Lance Dunbar sidelined; that’s opened a door for RB Malcolm Brown to walk through. He’s done a fine job in camp thus far and earned some praise from coach for doing so.

Also, OLB Robert Quinn is out for at least today with some confusing reporting. ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez passes on that it was an excused absence he had cleared with the team since before camp even started. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport had a different angle:

McVay’s O

Get to gettin’. Wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see some separation from the roster bubble and the deepest depth of the 90-man today.

Wading with Wade

The Rams are now without either starting DE with Easley out and Aaron Donald continuing to hold out. I went through the options on the roster as they stand while Sosa looked at some potential FA additions. We’ll see who gets preferred call-ups from the depth by Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips and McVay who name-dropped DL Louis Trinca-Pasat and DL Tanzel Smart on the team site earlier today.


Reminder: the Rams will hold a joint practice with the Los Angeles Chargers on Saturday...

Feel free to hit us up on Twitter or Instagram with any updates if you’re in person.