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2017 Rams Roster Preview: NT Michael Brockers, Underrated And Unabated

The man in the middle of the Rams’ DL is ready to show he’s up to the challenge in 2017.

Los Angeles Rams NT Michael Brockers is a freak of nature. He is a 6’6”, 325-lb. monster of a man. The 2012 NFL Draft first-round draft pick is still only 26-years old and is entering the first year of the a 3-year, $33m extension he signed last year.

Roster Battle

Brockers will be THE man in the middle in 2017. He will come off the field for breathers, but make no mistake — he will be a force for new Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips. No one is challenging this man for his starting position.


Schematically, Brockers will be eating up blockers so that ILBs Alec Ogletree and Mark Barron can roam free. However, the biggest thing that will be expected from Brockers will be his health. There is a huge drop off behind Brockers on the depth chart. If he goes down (and after the news of the loss of DE Dominique Easley for the season due to an ACL injury, you should be knocking on wood until your knuckles bleed), the Rams will be in a world of hurt in the middle of the DL.

Chances of Making Roster (10/10)

Brockers is a lock to be a starter in 2017 and beyond and will continue to be a beast in the middle of the defense. He won’t rack up fancy stats or make as many flashy plays as his teammates, but he’s a huge reason why DE Aaron Donald, Ogletree, Barron and company are able to look as good as they do.