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Adam Schefter: “Rams DT Aaron Donald Holdout Threatening To Last Into Regular Season”

Well, this got awkward... Pretty damn quickly.

Los Angeles Rams Media Availability Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images

There hasn’t been much good news at all surrounding Los Angeles Rams star DE Aaron Donald, and Adam Schefter has just dropped a nuke that will hurt the entirety of Rams Nation:

This is the entire post:

Rams DT Aaron Donald's holdout is threatening to last into the regular season, per league sources. One source speculated that he could envision Donald sitting out 2017, though a lot can change in any negotiation in a hurry. But the fact that such strong thoughts exist now provides a snapshot into where the two sides are today: not particularly close to a deal. The two sides will stay in touch, but today there is pessimism about how long Donald's holdout could last.

Well, that’s not good. Like Schefter said, anything can happen, and things can happen quickly, so it’s not exactly something to “worry” about per se, but Les Snead, Kevin Demoff, and Tony Pastoors really need to get to business now. For a team looking to instill a new culture, having their best player missing real time in the regular season would be an absolutely massive blow, and just another blunder to add to Les Snead’s GM career.