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Los Angeles Rams: Training Camp Recap, Day 15

Here’s what happened at the LA Rams’ practice on Wednesday

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams put the ball on the ground several times in their first preseason game last Saturday against the Dallas Cowboys. Now, if you played on Jeff Fisher’s team, you would have been asked to put the past in the past and abide by his 24-hour rule.

But that’s not Sean McVay’s style. Here’s what went down at practice on Wednesday...

Ball Security

McVay and the coaching staff clearly noted that fumbles were an issue last week, and they’re not taking it lightly.

On Offense

The storylines these days are about how quickly the Rams can get their newest weapon - Sammy Watkins - up to speed. How’s he fairing in practice? I’d say he’s looking pretty darn good.

The Rams are working on scoring touchdowns in the red zone...something I’m not sure they’ve practiced in ages.

...and there’s Cooper Kupp impressing again.

And Mike Thomas, who’ll be sidelined for the first four games of 2017 due to suspension is celebrating his birthday in style. Go up and get it, big fella.

On Defense

Well, I don’t know just yet. It sounded, however, that there were two goals today:

  1. Don’t give up six
  2. Get the ball back by causing a turnover

...and interestingly enough, at least by the sounds of it, the offense faired very well.

Rams’ LB Mark Barron stuck around for a bit after practice to catch up with Dani and D’Marco

No, there were no Aaron Donald sightings.

I’ll continue to update the recap as notes roll in regarding today’s practice. As it stands, it appears the short session focused walking away from a long drive with a touchdown, and not simply hoping to punch it in. It goes without saying that last year this team would’ve gladly handed it off to Gurley three straight times before gladly settling for a field goal.

Not in Sean McVay’s offense. Thanks Coach!