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2017 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 15 Practice Recap

Last practice before getting ready to take off and have a game against Oakland!

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl - Texas A&M v Kansas State Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Back at it, another day another dollar. The Los Angeles Rams have officially wrapped up another day of practice, let’s take a look at what happened.


Doesn’t seem to be much news on this front. WR Josh Reynolds has returned from injury and is practicing, and when I say “he’s returned”, he’s returned in a BIG way. Also, Sammy Watkins seems to be 100% ready to roll.

This was the noteworthy part in terms on injury. Aaron Green needs to get healthy quickly, he’s got a chance to be a real contributor on the 53-man roster.

McVay’s Offense

Sounds like Watkins is slowly coming along. There was news that Watkins was walking around with a play-sheet during practice.

Sounds like rookie WR Josh Reynolds had a big day. Finally practicing again, he may be finally ready to show his true ability, and who knows, that blockbuster trade Les Snead pulled off a few days ago may have sparked him.

Though they aren’t doing much (right now), this feels good to see. Sammy looks pretty healthy to me, and that was just way too easy for a guy as talented as he is.

Lastly, not too much has come out on Jared Goff’s day, but it sounds like the defense is still flying around.

Wade’s Defense

Once again, it sounds like the defense seems to be a step ahead of the offense. Yesterday’s practice (Monday), it was reported that Goff threw three interceptions, and two more that were dropped by defenders. Sounds like the defense is really starting to come into its own, and it’s consistently making plays on the daily. Now, this could be a product of being used to the offense’s tendencies, but they also showed in the game against the Dallas Cowboys, that this defense is for real.


Sounds like things are progressing slowly, we’ll see this front after the Oakland Raiders game coming this Saturday.