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Turf Show Radio Listener Guests Winners

Turf Show Radio just got better. Special guest to join us frequently this season. TSR is all about the fans!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Turf Show Radio just got a little bit better.

After putting a call out for listeners to join us, I have just selected our first two guest co-hosts of the year.

Oh wait, did I say two? I meant four.

Garret Catalana and Jeremiah Briscoe will be joining us on Aug 21st after the second preseason game, and the following Monday Aug 28th, Austin Boedigheimer and William Christian will join us. These are definitely going to be two fun-filled shows.

Help us make their time on air a blast by throwing us some questions for them. Get their opinions on anything you want. About the Rams, the upcoming schedule, QB Jared Goff or if they prefer carpet or hardwood floors. It’s entirely up to you. You can get your questions in a variety of ways;

· Email

· Twitter: @MightyOrMisone or #TurfShowRadio

· Facebook: Turf Show Times

· Also we will be live and listener questions will be accepted all the way through 10pm PT/7pm PT on each day, so get them in from now all the way through the 28th.

If you wanted to get on and talk and didn’t get selected, don’t go all Aaron Donald against the 49ers last year on us. We will by picking two more guests on four separate occasions through the season. That’s eight more opportunities throughout the season. So if you threw your name in it’s not too late, and if you thought about it, hesitated, it’s still not too late.

It’s going to be fun season no matter what!