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LA Rams Vs. Dallas Cowboys: 2nd Half Live Open Thread

Defense? Whoo! Offense? Ew! AND ERRBODY GETS A FUMBLE!!!

Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams
Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Random thoughts tonight as the Los Angeles Rams opened their preseason schedule against the Dallas Cowboys:

  • Not a ton of time for the starting offense, but the playcalling was VERY conservative. I don’t expect that over the course of the season.
  • The running game overall was putrid. Blocking was bad. Gurley/Brown individual work lacked. Justin Davis had some great cuts, but the fumbles and a late penalty...perhaps the two who were served best by that first half were Lance Dunbar and Aaron Green for not being a part of it.
  • Best passing play for me was an intermediate out for WR Pharoh Cooper that QB Sean Mannion anticipated well and delivered on perfect timing. Not the most important guys on the roster, but raised my eyes at that one.
  • The defense overall was spectacular. Talent-wise and performance-wise, they dominated the Cowboys’ offense.
  • The one thing I’m taking out of the half was who got bumped up and how they responded. No WR Sammy Watkins or WR Tavon Austin. So all the other wide receivers not named Robert Woods were elevated in that half. No OLB Robert Quinn, no DE Aaron Donald and now perhaps for the last time, no DE Dominique Easley. So we had a lot of Rams in the front seven playing ahead of their assumed slot.

Overall...whatever. Football’s back! Life is good!