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The LA Rams Now Have The Deep Threat They’ve Been Looking For

Former Buffalo Bills WR Sammy Watkins
Former Buffalo Bills WR Sammy Watkins
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Wow, for the Los Angeles Rams this was a blockbuster trade. It’s a sure fire indicator that the higher ups in management have given Les Snead and Sean McVay the okay to do whatever it takes to win now.

Sure, there are big questions related to whether Sammy Watkins can remain healthy through an entire season. Putting that aside, this trade is a signal to the fans that the Rams mean business about winning football games this year.

Coming out of Clemson, Watkins was a coveted wide receiver. He could catch, but more then that he was “fast.” Football fans know that everyone is fast in the NFL, but if you could project the way Sammy was able to run away from defenders in college after the catch, you could tell this kid has something special leaving his college DBs spent, slow and dejected. They’re not in Watkins’ class.

At the time he was drafted, many had Watkins going to the Rams; instead he went to the Bills. While in Buffalo, Watkins suffered season ending injury after season ending injury, but all you could think about is “What if this guy stayed healthy?”

For the Rams, having Watkins healthy is the key to having a deep threat. Combine him with WR Tavon Austin, who whenever Tavon gets the ball (when he catches it) can go all the way, he’s a dancer on the football field. A fan watching him rack up yards after catch is like watching Fred Astaire on the ceiling in Royal Wedding. “How did he do that?” Throw in Woods, and the Rams have the weapons to make a big splash with their passing offense.

Yes, it will take some time for Watkins to learn the system and get acquainted with Goff’s style of throwing, but there’s plenty of time for that—its still the preseason.

This is one those “I can’t wait to see” trades. If it works out like it should, the Rams are clearly headed in the right direction. If it doesn’t work out due to Watkins inability to stay healthy, it’s still a win for Rams fans—the Rams are committed to winning the battle of Los Angeles. While it may be one small step to winning Los Angeles football fans over, it sure is one giant leap for Rams fans.