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Turf Show Radio Fan Appreciation Show: We Need Guests And It Should Be You!

We’re opening up some space in the booth on TSR.

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We’re opening up the booth on Turf Show Radio for a couple of guests to come on the show next week. It’s the first of what we plan to be many opportunities to come and AGREE WITH EVERYTHING 3K AND I SAY. Or not.

You can talk about whatever you want. The floor will literally be yours. It’s an open discussion and we are looking for two people to come on and just talk Rams football. Ah hell, you can even tell us how much we suck and how Bate would be the much better option to run the show if he ever stops wearing those colorful berets. Or eggs.

If you’ve ever listened to the show, you know that it is a fun open discussion. Jokes, silly ass behavior, some serious breakdowns, and discussions about food like taters. It’s the best opportunity to let yourself be heard by the Ramily.

Wanna come on? Good. Just email the show at We’ll pick two fans to join us on the show on August 21st. It will be after two preseason games so there will be plenty to discuss.

Don’t make the first show? No worries. We will be coming right back at you again the following week after the third preseason game on August 28th. Times are tentatively set at 8pm CST, but can be tweaked to assist getting you on air.

These are only the first two times, but certainly will not be the last as we get some more fans on during the season. Also if you would like to suggest someone, please by all means send an email, and I will do my best to reach out to them. You can even suggest a staff member you would like to hear on the podcast. Except for Bate. We do have standards.

So shoot me those emails. I will be picking names Sunday after the first preseason game.

Looking forward to the discussion…