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2017 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: August 1 Practice Recap

Welp. Reality hits you hard, bro.

Los Angeles Rams DLs Dominique Easley, Morgan Fox & Michael Brockers
Los Angeles Rams DLs Dominique Easley, Morgan Fox & Michael Brockers
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In April, Football Outsiders released their numbers on the relative health, or Adjusted Games Lost, for every team in the NFL.

The Los Angeles Rams came in at #1 overall:

The only real significant injury for the Rams was defensive end Robert Quinn, the No. 2 star on the defense behind Aaron Donald. Quinn also missed half of 2015 as well. The Rams had 13 players start at least 14 games, but still had problems with bad coaching and a shortage of good players. Sure, it's nice that Tavon Austin started 15 games, but it's generally not a good thing when he's the target of a pass from Case Keenum or Jared Goff. The Rams will almost undoubtedly suffer more injuries in 2017, but if new coach Sean McVay and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips can get the most out of these high draft picks, then the team should rise above its usual 7-9 bullsh*t.

For some time, the fear I’ve held has been one of a regression to the mean, of fate realigning with reality.

And so tonight, we were reminded of the biggest fear of training camp and the preseason, of football that’s not really football. Tonight’s victim: DE Dominique Easley.


Easley went down with a supposed knee injury with an MRI to come, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

On one front, it’s Easley’s absence itself. He’s on a one-year deal and was expected to contribute significantly. It’s a blow for the team but especially for Easley if he can’t get back soon.

On the other, it calls into question what the Rams will do moving forward. Going into camp tomorrow, the Rams are looking at having just one of their starting defensive linemen available: DT Michael Brockers. With DE Aaron Donald on a holdout and Easley now sidelined, the Rams are already looking at the reserves to play with the first string, something that could affect the offensive line’s readiness to boot.

Worth noting here that WR Tavon Austin was also unable to finish his workout, though it’s reportedly much more minor than Easley’s injury.

McVay’s Offense

The big play today was a pass to WR Nelson Spruce:

The big effort early on in practice was special teams work, so not a ton of quantity here today.

Wade’s Defense

It may not be a direct impact on defense, but given the special teams work today and the impact on the defensive depth chart, this one really stood out to me:

Worth keeping in mind as we head toward the two joint practices in the next eight days between the Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.


Give the Chargers this. They’re all in on the branding: