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Los Angeles Rams DE Dominique Easley Carted Off With Injury (UPDATED)

One of the Rams’ assumed starting DL had to take the cart off the field today.

LA Rams DE Dominique Easley
LA Rams DE Dominique Easley
Nick Galarreta

Los Angeles Rams DE Dominique Easley was carted off at practice today from what seems to be an ankle injury:

No word on the severity of the injury at this point.

Our own Sosa Kremenjas provided Easley’s roster preview for 2017 yesterday:

With the Rams switching to a 3-4, Easley will be relied upon to start at DE opposite of [DE Aaron] Donald and next to [DT Michael] Brockers.


It’s hard to know what new Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips has in mind when it comes to moving players around, but for a guy who has a lot of athleticism and versatility, Easley can play a variety of roles, and effectively at that.

In a very limited role last year, Easley had 2.5 sacks, but a much greater pass rushing impact. Now with more time under his belt, Easley should fill up the stat sheet more and make his presence felt on the field a much greater amount.

There is no requirement for any official injury reporting in training camp or the preseason, so we may not know for a while what exact injury Easley suffered today.

Stay tuned.

(UPDATED at 9:16pm ET)

Doesn’t sound good: