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Alden Gonzalez: Cooper Kupp Will be One of the Primary Receivers

Will Alden’s prediction come true? Sounds like most would agree!

Eastern Washington v Oregon Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

ESPN has released a series which has a training camp prediction for every NFL team, and Alden Gonzalez has dropped his Los Angeles Rams nugget:

Rookie Cooper Kupp will establish himself as one of the Rams' primary receivers.

He's a third-round pick out of Eastern Washington, one of 11 wide receivers on the roster, but the Rams listed him as a projected starter before the start of training camp, after Tavon Austin and Robert Woods. Kupp won every award possible in college and is a perfect slot receiver for the Rams. He runs precise routes, has great hands and brings elite field awareness, a byproduct of his unmatched work ethic and overall intelligence. Kupp's former Eastern Washington coach, Beau Baldwin, who is now the offensive coordinator at Cal, said: "I don't have a single doubt in my mind that he will have an amazing impact in an NFL offense."

Can you really argue against it? Cooper Kupp was one of the most pro-ready CFB WR’s, and that could very well be the reason the Rams went ahead and drafted him. His unmatched work ethic, great hands, great route running ability, and smarts were traits that Sean McVay required at the WR position, and with the Rams coming in dead last as an offense last year, guys like Kupp who can provide an immediate impact from day 1 are more valued than ever.

Here was my write-up on Kupp after watching his film, before the draft: