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NFL’s 27th Best Selling Jersey Belongs to Todd Gurley

Let’s hope that number rises a little higher with a rebound 3rd season for the stud RB

Los Angeles Rams v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

When you look at the list of the NFL’s best selling jerseys, you’ll find a certain Los Angeles Rams RB at #27, Todd Gurley. Take a look at the entire list from the NFLPA, which has the top 50 selling jerseys all lined up.

Gurley, who broke out on the scene as a rookie RB struggled last season, which can be attributed to multiple things. He clearly wasn’t the same RB, the offensive line was bad, and the scheme itself lacked in many ways. With Todd showing his ability as a rookie who didn’t get to participate in OTA’s and training camp properly, coming off a torn ACL, and still lighting the league on fire as a starter from day 1, there is a lot of hope and optimism that he can not only return to that form, but he can take the next step as a consistent threat as the Rams workhorse RB.

Now, this list obviously doesn’t really mean much, but it would have been nice to see an entrance from now 2nd-year QB Jared Goff, or maybe even the NFL’s most dominant player in Aaron Donald.

Honestly, with all the LA hype and the Rams moving back, as well as being the #1 overall pick and touted as the savior to the Rams franchise, I’m surprised Goff didn’t make the list, especially when you see Dak Prescott (#3) and Carson Wentz (#12) on the list.

Maybe with an improved season, as well as more individual success from offensive players, they can start to climb not only the NFL rankings but also NFL jersey sales.