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Los Angeles Chargers Announce Joint Practice With Los Angeles Rams

The Rams will lineup against the Chargers on August 5 at the StubHub Center for the first in-person installment of #FightForLA.

The #FightForLA is on.

The Los Angeles Rams will participate in a joint practice with the Los Angeles Chargers on August 5 at the StubHub Center:

From the sound of it, it’s going to be attended largaly by Chargers fans...

The NFL is going to manufacture a rivalry between the Rams and Chargers, and this is the first chapter. The next installment in the saga will come three weeks later when the Chargers come to the Coliseum for the third game of the 2017 Rams’ preseason.

As I laid out in my month-by-month preview of football in Los Angeles in 2017, the landscape is going to be crowded. You’ve got the Rams in their second year butting up against the Chargers’ first season in town while USC ramps up for a potential college football playoff run with QB Sam Darnold as UCLA welcomes back QB Josh Rosen hoping to take back a larger chunk of the LA football landscape.

#FightForLA is going to be a central part of the narrative moving forward.

It starts August 5.