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2017 Rams Roster Preview: LB Carlos Thompson’s Third Wheel

After two runs with the Houston Texans, Thompson is in LA to try to roll with DC Wade Phillips yet again.

Los Angeles Rams LB Carlos Thompson
Los Angeles Rams LB Carlos Thompson
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Under the stage name Carlos Thompson, Juan Carlos Mundin-Schaffter made his Hollywood breakthrough in 1954 in Flame and the Flesh, an MGM vehicle that pitted Lana Turner (née Julia Jean Turner because you see nobody actually used their real name in this industry 60 years ago) against Thompson as a seductress too aware of her own strengths. Later that year, MGM ran Thompson again in Valley of the Kings, this time supporting lead man Robert Taylor whose actual name was Spangler Arlington Brugh (no for real). His highest billing was in 1955 in Magic Fire alongside Yvonne De Carlo (actual name Margaret Yvonne Middleton, bruh I swear).

Now 62 years later under his actual name Carlos Thompson, LB Carlos Thompson is trying to make his own Hollywood breakthrough with the 2017 Los Angeles Rams following his signing back in April. After a two-year dalliance with the Houston Texans, Thompson has reunited with Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips to see if the relationship results in the former Ole Miss product landing a spot on the 53-man roster.

Roster Battle

I laid out the OLB depth battle in the Cassanova McKinzy roster preview:

Beyond [Robert] Quinn and [Connor] Barwin, it’s a crowded depth field, and that’s where McKinzy will need to stand out. Two of the Rams’ 2017 NFL Draft class will certainly be popular options in Samson Ebukam and Ejuan Price. We’ll have to see if any of the listed DEs bounces out to OLB; I’ll note here that the Rams’ official team roster lists Price as a DE. Similarly, Phillips may kick an inside LB outside; again, the official team roster lists Cory Littleton, the Rams’ 2016 Rookie of the Year, as an OLB. Otherwise, the only other options are Carlos Thompson and McKinzy.

The real key is to see who populates the various strings early in camp. Is Thompson’s experience with Phillips’ system enough to push him into the second string when camp breaks? If not, he’s likely looking at the preseason opener against the Dallas Cowboys to give him a shot.


Veteran UDFA who came up on another team. Hard to set the bar lower.

Chances of Making Final Roster (3.5/10)

Considered giving him a slight bump over McKinzy due to the Phillips connection, but there are just too many variables working against him.

The likelihood is that he and McKinzy battle in camp for a mid-season call-up if injury requires one.