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LA Rams RB Malcolm Brown Making Impact On HC Sean McVay

The Rams’ third-year man out of Texas is starting to impress.

Los Angeles Rams RB Malcolm Brown
Los Angeles Rams RB Malcolm Brown
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I have been pleasantly surprised with (RB) Malcolm Brown. He’s kind of got a quiet confidence about himself, where he just goes about his business, very reliable, knows exactly what to do and how to do it and he is a guy that we can depend on.


I think that those two guys have really stood out in terms of Todd [Gurley] being the lead dog, being the epitome of what we want it to look like from that leader in that group and I think Malcolm has done a nice job establishing himself as that secondary role.

That was Los Angeles Rams HC Sean McVay on the running back depth chart taking shape with RB Just Todd Gurley firmly in the workhorse role with Brown assuming backup duties with praise in the absence of newly added RB Lance Dunbar.

It’s an interesting group to say nothing of the competing depth behind those three in Aaron Green, De’Mard Llorens, Lenard Tillery and Justin Davis.

Clearly, Dunbar’s unavailability due to his placement on the Physically Unable to Perform List has upped Brown’s workload with the second team. The question is how much that workload lightens once Dunbar returns. The overall benefit to the team is obvious.

Texas HS football newcomer Byron P. Steele II High School in Cibolo didn’t open until 2005. Six years later, Brown was a nationally coveted prospect having been worked over by virtually every major program in the South before committing to Texas. The San Antonio powerhouse has remained on the map every since, this year home to S Caden Sterns (#70 nationally per Scouts, Inc., #57 Rivals).

Dunbar, for his part, never had the pre-collegiate hype largely due to Hurricane Katrina. The destruction forced Dunbar’s family out of New Orleans and into the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Dunbar opted to remain close by his uprooted family spurning interest from major programs to play at the University of North Texas. In his career at UNT, he broke multiple records as the program took a nosedive. A 2012 UDFA, Dunbar worked his way up from the practice squad to feature prominently in the active RB rotation in 2013 and 2014 before injuries ravaged his last two seasons.

It’s a great battle behind JTG, and one that deserves not just attention but respect. There’s talent and hard work and the chippiest of chips on shoulders.

Yes, Brown has been tabbed the front runner for the silver medal on the RB podium, but this is going to be a long race.

And it’s one I think Rams fans will end up enjoying.