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2017 Los Angeles Rams Training Camp: July 30 Practice Recap

Day 2 is in the books.

LA Rams WR Nelson Spruce
LA Rams WR Nelson Spruce
Alden Gonzalez, ESPN

Day 2. Thankfully, we didn’t suffer from the drama of yesterday, or what the Daily News’ Vinny Bonsignore appropriately deemed “a soap opera.” Like I said in the live thread, we’re down to business now.

That doesn’t mean the front office foolery is forgotten:

But with Steddy B on the sidelines reminding everyone that time in the NFL is precious and you can’t let a moment waste, I doubt there was any lack of focus to be had.



Nope. Good look. Keep it movin’.

McVay’s O

The love for WR Nelson Spruce never really died...

And it’s still just getting started for WR Cooper Kupp:

Good to hear Gerald Everett getting comfortable:

We’ll have to see how things look early on in preseason games, but the connection between QB Jared Goff and WR Robert Woods is probably going to have to lead the way early on given Woods’ experience:

35-year old OT Andrew Whitworth can’t last forever at this level, but even if his decline begins to hit this year, he’s still miles better than Greg Robinson:

Wading with Wade

CB Kayvon Webster had a good practice, and not just because of his shoes:

OLB Connor Barwin is in a for a huge year professionally on his one-year FA deal:

CB/S Lamarcus Joyner sounds like he’s set on safety work. With S Maurice Alexander alongside him, that perhaps throws rookie S John Johnson’s role up in the air, but these things have a way of working themselves out over time:


There’s no doubt that the Rams enjoy a significantly stronger base of support in LA than the Los Angeles Chargers do.

But don’t underplay (a) the Chargers starting point or (b) most importantly, how quickly things change based on the quality of play.

The real key moving forward is the response to both teams’ performances.

If the Rams put up a second consecutive losing season, there won’t be any blame on Jeff Fisher next year like this. The novelty of returning to LA will have completely evaporated. And fans, naturally, will respond as they do in any city: they’ll stop showing up. They’ll stop tuning in. They’ll stop wasting their time.

If the Chargers arrive in LA without any historical base entrenched and make the playoffs, they’ll build that base. The league will help them manufacture a rivalry with the Rams, and they’ll start out with the upper hand.

Neither outcome is certain. The Rams could surprise in Year 1 under new Head Coach Sean McVay and the Chargers could falter in their first-year head coach, Anthony Lynn.

Suffice to say for now with camp, the fight is beginning...and I think there’s a strong chance it gets uglier before it gets better.