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Eric Dickerson Says LA Rams QB Sean Mannion, Not QB Jared Goff, Should Be Starter


Eric Dickerson has struck again.

Today on the Herd on Fox Sports 1 with Greg Gottleib filling in for Colin Cowherd, Dickerson clamored for QB Sean Mannion to be the Los Angeles Rams’ starter over QB Jared Goff:

DICKERSON: Last year, [Goff] didn’t have a chance, because the offense was terrible. The offense looked like a high school offense. The offensive line was not good last year. I don’t think the offensive scheme was good. The offensive coordinator was not good. So this year, I think you have to give [Goff] a shot.

But for me, my guy that I would start the season would be Sean Mannion. And I’ve been saying that...

GOTTLIEB: Why didn’t they give him an opportunity last year?

DICKERSON: I’ve been saying that since last year. Give him a shot! You drafted him! He was great at...where’d he go?

GOTTLIEB: Oregon State.

DICKERSON: Oregon State.

GOTTLIEB: Playing in a pro-style system.

DICKERSON: Playing in a pro-style offense. He’s a big guy. Got a great arm. I was at practice early last year before I got kicked off the sidelines. I was standing next to some of the guys. I said, “Man, he can throw that [inaudible]” and he said, “Eric, he can throw it.” I said, “Why they won’t play him?” He said, “Yanno. The money.”

A lot of it has to do...we got a #1 draft pick. We got all this money too...

GOTTLIEB: And Case [Keenum} had been there previously. Had won some games. So I guess [former Head Coach Jeff] Fisher was gonna ride and die...I just don’t understand why they turned it over to Goff instead of turning it over to Mannion and still redshirting Goff last year.

DICKERSON: Look, it’s all about winning football games.

People wanna blame me for Jeff Fisher getting fired? I did Jeff Fisher a favor. He gets 10 million dollars. Ain’t gotta coach. I’ll take that job. Fire me.

Look. When you win? That situation would have never been there, and I think you had a better chance of winning with Sean Mannion. I think even this year, they should start with Sean Mannion.

Welp. You tell me.

Do we have a competition for the starting quarterback position heading into training camp?