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2017 Rams Roster Preview: QB Dan Orlovksy...OR DID HE?

The Rams’ seasoned signal-caller is in the building and ready to roll, folks.

QB Dan Orlovsky
QB Dan Orlovsky
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

On the go
Very good


Roster Battle

Los Angeles Rams QB Dan Orlovksy has 3,132 career passing yards, 15 passing touchdowns and two career wins under his belt.

Folks, “Lofty” Orlovsky is in a tier of his own.


I expect bullets. If an unfortunate wide receiver doesn’t have his head on a swivel, we’re talking neck or spine injuries when one of Orlovsky’s patented “time/space benders” rips through the air with pinpoint accuracy and lands on someone’s upper cervial spine.

I expect fire.

Chances of Making Final Roster (1.11/10)

I give him a 1/9th chance to make the roster despite the physical tools and the mental schools (I got bars).