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Help Us Make Turf Show Radio Better Than Ever

TSR is back, and its all about the Rams and the fans. Join in and help us make the good times roll.

NFL: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Turf Show Radio is back!!!!

Episode one of the ninth season is in the books, and you all can look forward to lots of changes this season on the show.

First and foremost I want to wish Josh and Scott the best as they move on to bigger and better things. Got a lot of good memories with those guys and will forever be grateful for taking me in the way the did.

Next, the top priority moving forward is making this show all about two things. One the Rams and two YOU!!! The fans.

Moving forward, we want you to flood us with questions, starting right now. Drop them in the comments below and/or on twitter. You can find me at @MightyOrMisone the site at @TurfShowTimes or 3k at — yup you guessed it — @3k_.

The changes won't stop there. We also will have more shows where you guys can call in live and chat with us. Also, we will be having fans on as special guests as well as other TST writers making frequent visits. Make sure you let us know which staffer you want to hear from so we can get them on sooner than later.

And yes, our guest lists will remain hot. From former players, to scouting directors, to the best reporters you can find to cover the Rams, we've had it all and fully intend to continue the trend of hot names.

But the new TSR all starts with you. The focus is bringing you all on board and expanding the conversations on Rams football like never before.

So tune in and turn up and help us make the show better than ever!