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2017 Rams Roster Preview: FB Zach Laskey And Ladders

Sometimes, you just can’t get ahead.

Los Angeles Rams FB Zach Laskey
Los Angeles Rams FB Zach Laskey
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

For two years, Los Angeles Rams FB Zach Laskey has waited in the wings, working to step up if Cory Harkey every went down. Going into 2017, it looked as if Harkey could be a camp cut with a new coaching staff in town led by Head Coach Sean McVay.

But with the 206th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Rams drafted a new fullback, Sam Rogers, out of Virginia Tech.

Now for all the climbing up the ladder Zach Laskey’s done in his career, he might just be back on the first rung.

Roster Battle

Sadly, the battle here is likely between Harkey and Rogers with Laskey auditioning for a mid- or late-season call should personnel issues arise.



Chances of Making Final Roster (0.5/10)

I’ll hold out the slimmest of chances here, but the theme at the position this year is the collision between the Sam Rogers era and the Cory Harkey era.

Keep climbin’, Zach.