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Peyton Manning Roasts LA Rams In ESPYs Monologue

The NFL HOFer led off his monologue by taking a shot at the Rams.

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Peyton Manning At The 2017 ESPYs

NFL great Peyton Manning hosted the ESPYs last night, and in his opening monologue took a friendly shot at the Los Angeles Rams in the video above.

These ESPY folks, they wanted me to say all this stuff to mock athletes and coaches. I said, “No. Absolutely not. I’m not going to do it.”

And here are a few of the jokes that I hated the most. because I would never say these. Ever.

Like this one.

Last year’s LA Rams are the subject of the critically acclaimed docuseries All or Nothing. Spoiler: It’s nothing.

Come on. Rams new coach Sean McVay is here. Sean, can you believe they wanted me to say that in Los Angeles of all places? I’m not doing that.

No lie? Peyton’s got great comedic chops. He was great on Saturday Night Live (linked for Apple News readers who won’t see the video embedded below):

His Kevin Durant joke last night? Perfect.

So look, Peyton’s got the comedy thing down.

Throw in the recent rumors about him joining the Rams’ front office and some buzz behind a potential political career, and Peyton Manning is a hot commodity these days.