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NFL Executives Grade LA Rams Offseason

Is this the team to get the Rams over the hump?

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Here’s what 15 NFL executives, coaches and evaluators from an ESPN article (insider required) had to say about the Los Angeles Rams offseason:

Los Angeles Rams
Grade: C

This will become an "A" offseason if the Rams' coaching change and left tackle acquisition salvage quarterback Jared Goff following a rough rookie season. Sean McVay potentially gives the Rams the dynamic offensive coach they've needed for years. The concern is that McVay is 31 years old and therefore not yet ready to handle the many other responsibilities that come across a head coach's desk in the NFL.

"There are so many things [McVay] cannot know about that job and what it takes," a former head coach said. "They have some veteran guys, especially on defense. If they are struggling, it is great to say you have a lot of energy and all that, but some of these guys are older than him."

Not quite. While McVay is four years younger than left tackle Andrew Whitworth, the Rams' No. 1 signing in free agency, none of the team's defensive players is older than the head coach. Connor Barwin is close to the same age, but younger. Several others are in the same demographic. That was surely a consideration when the Rams hired veteran assistant coaches, notably Wade Phillips.

"It was tough for the Rams this offseason because they were short on draft picks [following the Goff trade last year]," an exec said. "You don't get a big infusion there. I do like the coaching better, and I like Wade. Hopefully, you roll the dice and have a young, dynamic offensive coach. Maybe that helps the quarterback."

Seems like a relatively fair assessment. Coach McVay was a risky signing, but for the lowly Rams, it seemed like a gamble worth taking. He’s known to be an offensive genius, and I don’t think many people are worried about his ability to create an offense worth fielding. Being an NFL coach is a lot of responsibility, and can certainly be overwhelming for a first time HC. With that being said, McVay has likely built a great support system with guys like Wade Phillips, Greg Olson, and Bill Johnson, etc. Most of his staff is loaded with experience.

That will surely help the young coach spark some fire in LA.