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Turf Show Radio Ft. Ben Allbright

Misone Adiasor and Josh Webb talk with Ben Allbright of Mile High Sports about the Los Angeles Rams’ future.

Lucio Ourique

Turf Show Radio returns with a bang. Misone Adiasor (@MightyOrMisone) and Josh Webb (@FightOnTwist) are joined by Ben Allbright (@AllbrightNFL) of Mile High Sports to talk about the Los Angeles Rams.

On this week's show, Ben breaks down the future of the club, looking at the rookies, free agents, and signings. How will they build toward the future? Ben’s perspective from Denver helps frame things for Rams fans as the 2017 season approaches with training camp likely opening in less than two months.

Also on this week's show: The guys answer listener questions, build a new environment, and help create a tangible idea of what the Los Angeles Rams could look like. The guys also predict their breakout stars & who they think the most important signing of the season is for the Rams.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

(Google AMP and Apple News readers may not see the show load below; here’s the link to the episode)