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The Chicago Bears’ Next Head Coach Might Be Jeff Fisher (UPDATED)

Dear Leader could find his way back to the NFL with the same team that employed him as a player.

Jeff Fisher
Jeff Fisher

Jeff Fisher is a free agent.

After five years as the head coach of the St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams, Fisher has yet to find an employer. There hasn’t been a ton of reporting on whether or not he’s actively seeking one, but the last time we heard from him, his perfect scenario moving forward was having “a chance to play the Rams”:

With a mere mention in Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller’s Scouting Notebook last week, the early rumblings of a new potential suitor began traversing the internets:

There was plenty of speculation that [former Oklahoma Sooner Head Coach Bob] Stoops would be in line for a job with the Chicago Bears if John Fox is gone after this season. That wouldn't surprise me, but I'd also keep this name in mind: Jeff Fisher.

Fisher played for the Bears and spent one season there as a coaching assistant in 1985. It's too soon to say Fox is done after only two seasons on the job, but if he's out, these are two names I expect to be linked to that job.

Our sibling site Windy City Gridiron, for fans of the Bears, hopped on the story and the comments were...less than supportive of the idea.

It begs the question: will Jeff Fisher ever coach in the NFL again?

He’s not without a skill set. He’s a well-respected man manager who can handle interpersonal relationships well with TONS of experience dealing with the minutiae of the NFL. Of course his game management leaves much to be desired with a seven season streak without a winning record, but I digress.

I certainly understand we’re in a bubble as Rams fans who might have a tough time seeing the benefit of a Jeff Fisher hire for other teams, but I think there are some compelling arguments to make. Look, someone gave us a draft pick for Greg Robinson, so clearly there are perspectives outside our bubble that we’re not gonna understand.

It’s worth considering in the abstract, nonetheless.

Could Jeff Fisher be the Chicago Bears next head coach?

(UPDATED at 8:32pm ET)

I just finished the advance copy of Amazon’s All or Nothing Season 2 on the Rams, and Fisher makes it explicitly clear he wants to return to coaching. Not a huge update, but figured it was worth adding here in perpetuity since we hadn’t heard much from Fish in the last six months.