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LA Rams Sign Early 2017 NFL Draft Picks

The Rams have signed our top three draft picks.

LA Rams TE Gerald Everett signing his contract
LA Rams TE Gerald Everett signing his contract
Jeff Lewis

The Los Angeles Rams have signed their top three picks from the 2017 NFL Draft: South Alabama TE Gerald Everett, Eastern Washington WR Cooper Kupp and Boston College S John Johnson.

Shout out to Gerald Everett’s shirt now and for always, first off.

Beyond that? The class is being folded in.

Whether it’s Everett who is competing with TE Tyler Higbee to fill in the space left by TE Lance Kendricks or John Johnson who seemingly could replace S T.J. McDonald or WR Cooper Kupp who replaces...he will replace...he has been drafted to supplant...look, the Rams have added 42 wide receivers in the last 12 months. One of them has to stick.

As it stands on a late Friday night when I should not be writing and you should not be reading unless this is tomorrow and good on you and shame for not subscribing to all TST news channels on every social medium, the Rams have signed the top tier of their 2017 rookie class.