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2017 NFL Odds: LA Rams Win Total Over/Under Among Lowest In League

New odds projecting win totals for the LA Rams put them in the bottom five of the NFL. Can the Rams literally beat the odds?

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A new set of odds out from Bovada has win total over/unders for every NFL team. The Los Angeles Rams’ O/U is set at 5.5 games, tied for the fourth-lowest in the NFL:

2017 NFL Win Total Over/Unders

Team Wins O/U
Team Wins O/U
New England Patriots 12
Pittsburgh Steelers 10.5
Seattle Seahawks 10.5
Green Bay Packers 10
Oakland Raiders 10
Atlanta Falcons 9.5
Dallas Cowboys 9.5
Baltimore Ravens 9
Indianapolis Colts 9
Kansas City Chiefs 9
New York Giants 9
Carolina Panthers 8.5
Cincinnati Bengals 8.5
Denver Broncos 8.5
Houston Texans 8.5
Minnesota Vikings 8.5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8.5
Tennessee Titans 8.5
Arizona Cardinals 8
Detroit Lions 8
New Orleans Saints 8
Philadelphia Eagles 8
Los Angeles Chargers 7.5
Miami Dolphins 7.5
Washington 7.5
Buffalo Bills 6
Jacksonville Jaguars 6
Chicago Bears 5.5
Los Angeles Rams 5.5
New York Jets 5
Cleveland Browns 4.5
San Francisco 49ers 4.5

It’s obviously an inauspicious estimation of the Rams’ chances in 2017, one that’s a bit more grim than our staff predictions back from after the schedule release late last month. Of the nine respondents, eight of us are taking the over per our predictions. We’re such homers. BMule is your courageous lone wolf in this exercise.

If you’re grasping for optimism, you don’t need to reach far. A year ago, the oddsmakers set the Rams’ O/U at 7.5 wins. They were (quite) wrong. The could be so again this year, albeit in the opposite direction.

Nonetheless, it’s worth considering. From the odds to power rankings to picking early in 2018 mock drafts, it’s clear the Rams are facing a long shot to make 2017 a successful season in the win column.