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LA Rams Hold Fan Vote To Determine Throwback Jersey Games For 2017

Which two games should the Rams wear the throwbacks for?

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff
Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have opened a fan vote to determine which two games they will wear the classic blue-and-yellow throwback jerseys for.

There are four available options:

The Colts game would be an interesting choice as the season opener, the first game under new Head Coach Sean McVay and, one would assume, QB Jared Goff‘s first season opener as a starting QB.

The rival Seahawks of course is a fair option. Having won the NFC West three of the last four seasons despite losing four of their last six against the Rams, Seattle is a prime candidate.

New Orleans is perhaps the oddball. Coming in after Thanksgiving though, it could warrant a decent television crowd if either team is holding a winning record heading into postseason contention.

And a season-ending game against the 49ers is always going to be a draw for any LA Rams fan. With the Rams hoping to avenge last year’s sweep at the hands of the Niners (who lost every game in 2016 in which they didn’t play the Rams...), this might be a leading vote-getter.

There are two voting periods to pick each game:

There will be two votes to decide the two Throwback games. The first vote will take place starting today (Monday, May 8) at 9 AM PT through Tuesday, May 9 at 6 PM PT and fans may vote on one of four Rams home games: Indianapolis Colts (September 10), Seattle Seahawks (October 8), New Orleans Saints (November 26) and San Francisco 49ers (December 31). The vote to determine the second Throwback game will start Wednesday, May 10 at 9 AM PT and conclude Thursday, May 11 at 6 PM PT. The games fans may vote on for the second game will be revealed on Wednesday.

You can vote at the official team site, on Twitter or on Facebook:

Help decide our Throwback Games for 2017 Which game should we wear our throwback uniforms?

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