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VIDEO: Ram It Down Your Throat Post-NFL Draft Episode

Josh and Blaine are back at it with a new episode of Ram It Down Your Throat. The guys discuss what happened in the draft for the Rams and much more!

Ram It Down Your Throat is back with an all new episode. Josh is back to embrace debate with Blaine and with the NFL Draft over there was a lot to debate. Without a first round pick, how did general manager Les Snead and head coach Sean McVay do in their first draft together? The guys discuss:

1 - Did The Rams Do Enough To Help Jared Goff in the draft?

The focus in the draft had to be to do whatever it took to help Jared Goff after his 0-7 rookie season in the NFL. The Rams' future is on his shoulders and it's imminent that he succeeds. The Rams drafted weapons like Gerald Everett, Cooper Kupp, and Josh Reynolds, but was it enough to help the second year QB?

2 - Would you give the Rams draft grade higher or lower than a B-?

The Rams received the lowest draft grade in the NFL according to several draft experts and were said to have reached on several players including their second round pick, Everett. Did Les Snead do a poor job his first time as the top guy in the draft room? Did he deserve a grade higher that a B-?

3 - Should the Rams retire Steven Jackson’s number?

The Rams gave their new rookies their jersey numbers and fullback Sam Rogers received number 39. Is it time for the Rams to retire their all-time leading rusher's jersey number. Jackson won't be a hall of famer, but did he do enough with the team to warrant his number being retired?

As always let us know who's side you're on in the comments. If you have any questions you want the guys to answer in the next episode, leave them below.