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Turf Show Radio - Ft. Dan Kadar

Blaine Grisak and Josh Webb are joined by Jeanna Thomas to talk about LA Rams O.C. Matt LaFleur and how the Rams should go about their draft.

Lucio Ourique

Turf Show Radio returns with a bang. Blaine Grisak (@bxgrisak1193) fills in for Misone Adiasor as he and Josh Webb(@FightOnTwist) talk about the 2017 NFL Draft, Los Angeles Rams' OC Matt LaFleur, and Wade Phillips' defensive machines with SB Nation's own NFL Draft Editor, Dan Kadar (@MockingTheDraft).

On this week's show, Blaine and Josh figure out how these picks can be integrated into the Rams' offense such that the woes of the Fisher era are a thing of the past. Blaine and Josh get Dan's assessment of where the Rams could be headed under first-time head coach Sean McVay, and what Dan thinks of Goff.

Dan also breaks down how the Rams flubbed on some of their picks. The team may not have reached for players, but Dan feels they punted on a few important areas of need. That said, Dan talks about how Cooper Kupp will fit in with McVay's offense and how Ejuan Price may be the steal of the Draft.

Also on this week's show: The guys discuss the worst movies of all time, the most overrated bands of all time, but bring Dan in on the discussion. If you want an optimists' look at the Rams' 2017 Draft, this is the podcast for you to check out. Thanks to Dan for taking time out of his busy day to spend time with us!

Disclaimer: During this podcast, I said the Rams didn’t have a 2018 1st a couple times. I was wrong and I will do better moving forward. I’m sorry, guys.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!