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LA Rams Front Office Ranked Near Bottom Of NFL

CBS Sports’ rankings of the front offices around the league weren’t too kind to the Rams and GM Les Snead.

Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead
Los Angeles Rams GM Les Snead
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over at CBS Sports, Sean Wagner-McGough has ranked the front offices for all 32 NFL teams. The Los Angeles Rams’ FO, led by General Manager Les Snead, doesn’t hit high marks coming at 26th:

They are only this high because they hired Sean McVay, who should bring a non-middle-school offense to Los Angeles. Otherwise, I'm not quite sure where the massive upgrades were made to a roster devoid of talent on offense. Sure, they kept their own by exercising Aaron Donald's fifth-year option and franchise-tagging Trumaine Johnson, but those were no-brainer moves. They didn't add any high-impact players this offseason. Almost like GM Les Snead is as much to blame as Jeff Fisher.

It’s a sad indictment when your front office’s saving grace is the head coach, who happens to be a first-time head coach in his first year...who also happens to be the youngest head coach in NFL history.

The bigger issue for the front office is that in firing former Head Coach Jeff Fisher, the scapegoat is no longer around to soak up the criticism. Whether it’s Snead and the FO or WR Tavon Austin or QB Jared Goff, none of them will have Fisher to shoulder the blame.

What’s your sense of the front office as it stands? Is it a bottom-of-the-league group as Wagner-McGough’s rankings suggest? Or have they been unfairly maligned by the performance of the team in recent years which doesn’t accurately reflect the job they’ve done off the field?