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2017 NFL Odds: LA Rams In Bottom Two To Win NFC

So you’re saying there’s a chance!

Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

New odds out from Bovada don’t offer much hope for the 2017 Los Angeles Rams’ chances at winning the NFC or the NFC West:

2017 NFC Conference Odds

Team Odds
Team Odds
Dallas Cowboys 9/2
Green Bay Packers 11/2
Seattle Seahawks 11/2
Atlanta Falcons 6/1
New York Giants 9/1
Arizona Cardinals 14/1
Carolina Panthers 14/1
Minnesota Vikings 14/1
New Orleans Saints 16/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 18/1
Washington Redskins 22/1
Philadelphia Eagles 25/1
Detroit Lions 28/1
Chicago Bears 40/1
Los Angeles Rams 66/1
San Francisco 49ers 100/1
2017 NFC Odds

Yes, the two longest shots to win the NFC come out of the NFC West in the form of the Rams and San Francisco 49ers.

The odds for the division are pretty stark, predictably:

2017 NFC West Odds

Team Odds
Team Odds
Seattle Seahawks 2/7
Arizona Cardinals 3/1
Los Angeles Rams 12/1
San Francisco 49ers 18/1

The Seattle Seahawks offer the second-lowest odds of any team to win their division per Bovada; the only other team favored more are the New England Patriots who are 1/5 to win the AFC East.

While these odds don’t lend much to the optimist’s take on 2017, they are absolutes. These odds don’t preclude that the Rams could, say, win 8 games like Football Outsiders’ recent mean win projections suggest. Or that the team could play markedly better football in 2017 offering legitimate hope that HC Sean McVay can turn the franchise around within a three-year window. Or that Jared Goff could legitimately look like a competent NFL QB. All of these things could happen and the Rams could still not win the division or conference and it would still be “ok.”

As it stands, the 2017 season likely leaves the Rams looking up at things.