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Random Ramsdom: Draft Analysis

The Rams got better (along with the rest of the league)!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams look to modernize offense | SCPR

The Rams look to get their offense to be more modern like the rest of the league via the draft.

Rams draft adds depth at receiver and defensive front | OC Register

The Rams draft focused on adding playmakers and the defensive front seven.

New Rams FB/Do-it-all Rogers ready to bring toughness | VT Scoop

The Rams FB draft pick from Virginia Tech is ready to bring toughness.

Kupp brings valuable things to Rams | OC Register

If you only focus on measurables, you’ll miss out what makes Kupp great for Rams.

Why the Rams draft was a success | isportsweb

The Rams draft was a success.

Rams end up with a lot skill in draft | VC Star

The Rams added a lot of offensive skill in the recent draft.

Rams agree with 11 UDFA | The Rams

The Rams added a mixture of undrafted free agents to the mix.