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VIDEO: Breaking Down The Wade Phillips 3-4 Defense For The Los Angeles Rams

How the Rams' new defensive coordinator will mold his 3-4 defense to fit his personnel.

So fellow Los Angeles Rams fan Nick (@ngalarreta) and I broke down new Rams Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense and how it affects the Rams and which players fit where.

Basically, everyone fits well and has a set position other than the ILB position. The LILB or (Mike LB), like I said in the video is more of a thumper and run stopped who can fill the gap and take on guards and fullbacks. The Rams don't have that guy. The RILB or (Mo LB) is the more athletic sideline-to-sideline LB who is used to make plays and is good in coverage. That's an ideal spot for a guy like Alec Ogletree, but then that would mean Mark Barron would have to play the thumper role. I don't see how that's going to work. Most likely, they'll have Tree line up at MLB and Barron at MoLB, which could theoretically work, but I think it still leaves us susceptible against the run.

Hopefully you enjoyed it, and if there are any questions or y'all just wanna chime in, please do! Like, share, subscribe to Nick's youtube channel as well, he'll have plenty of Rams content on there.