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(UPDATED) Former LA Rams WR Kenny Britt Calls WR Tavon Austin Homophobic Slur, Says He Feels “Betrayed” By Rams In Instagram Rant

Kenny Britt took to Instagram last night to voice some opinions.

Former Los Angeles Rams WR Kenny Britt
Former Los Angeles Rams WR Kenny Britt
Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images

Late last evening, former Los Angeles Rams WR Kenny Britt took to a live Instagram post in which he spoke disparagingly of former teammate WR Tavon Austin, calling him a “fag” and saying he felt “betrayed” by the Rams for not re-signing him.

The live post was not recorded. TST has spoken to numerous independent sources to confirm Britt’s comments. Multiple sources suggested Britt appeared intoxicated during the video.

Britt said that the betrayal was due to the Rams signing Austin to a long-term deal, something he suggested wasn’t warranted for an “average” wide receiver. After using the homophobic slur toward Austin, he casually remarked, “Whatever. I don’t know him anymore.”

Perhaps ironically, Britt has a brother who is homosexual. The two featured on E!’s Hollywood and Football, a six-episode show focusing on various Rams and their wives. The show has not been renewed after dismal ratings.

Britt also mentioned new Rams Head Coach Sean McVay, suggesting, “Nobody knows who he is.”

Britt was drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2009 under then-head coach Jeff Fisher. Fisher would be fired after the 2010 season. Britt’s career fizzled over the next three seasons in Nashville before the Rams signed him in 2014’s free agency period reuniting him with Fisher. Britt contributed significantly in the Rams’ abysmal offenses under Jeff Fisher culminating in Britt’s 2016 season, the first 1,000 receiving yard season for a Rams WR since Torry Holt in 2007 despite the Rams posting the NFL’s worst offense. Fisher was fired mid-season; Britt signed as a free agent with the Cleveland Browns last month.

It’s hardly a good look for Britt. To clap back at your previous employer and former teammates is petty and beyond unprofessional. To use a homophobic slur in general let alone in reference to a former colleague is pathetic.

There’s plenty to consider here, both in terms of how central Britt was to Fisher’s tenure as head coach, his approach to developing the offensive roster and the culture that festered under his watch. It’s no surprise that Britt’s outburst followed Fisher’s departure. Britt’s off-field peccadilloes have occurred outside Fisher’s oversight. Britt has been arrested twice since being drafted, both occurring while Britt was a Titan after Fisher had been fired. Britt’s tenure in St. Louis and Los Angeles was unremarkable off the field, save for a sex tape with his wife he posted to Instagram in 2014.

You also have to question the wisdom of the Rams to allow Britt to participate in a reality show given his priors as well as his mercurial personality. I’d like to think this is hardly the image they want to present as an ambassador of the NFL and their hometown, especially given that they’ve been in LA barely more than a year.

Nonetheless, it’s a sad turn of events in the offseason. Here’s hoping Britt gains some maturity and wisdom from the episode.

I’m not holding my breath, though.

(UPDATED at 3:26pm ET)

Earlier this morning, Britt posted a response to this story on his Twitter account:

Here’s the image itself:

Britt’s response

I appreciate Britt taking the time to respond to the article, though I’m disappointed he has decided to court public opinion rather than contact us directly. I would have been happy to address any grievance he has with the story, though I’m assuming he’s not interested in as much.

I have now heard from nearly 20 individuals who watched the video live. Their stories all matched independent of each other. That’s why I felt comfortable posting the story. Perhaps Britt is confused about making sure we checked our “source” thinking that 20 individuals have formed a conspiracy.

We were unaware Britt was conducting physical therapy in the middle of the night on Thursday. We wish him the best in his recovery.

It is (perhaps not) surprising that Britt admits to using a homophobic slur but is unwilling to type it in using fellatio as some kind of metaphor. I certainly never intended to disrespect Britt’s brother, who happens to be gay himself. The irony, however, was something I thought was (and still think is) worth noting.

This will be the last time you hear from me about this. Stay blessed. Off to eat some fried seafood and drink some beer and watch the Masters.