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Random Ramsdom: Draft Mulligan

As the draft nears, others have taken the liberty of a redraft of the NFL.

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NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Redraft per PFF | ESPN In$ider

The Rams would have still gone QB but a different one, Dak Prescott

Actual pick: Jared Goff, QB (Round 1, pick 1)

New pick: Dak Prescott, QB

The situations these two quarterbacks found themselves in could not have been more different, but even with that in mind, the relative readiness of each to take the field was jarring. Prescott (Round 4, pick 135) shocked everybody by winning the Dallas starting job, and though he probably would have struggled more with the Rams, he still threw five touchdowns to only one interception when under pressure in Dallas.

2008 NFL Draft Re-Do: Rams Take an “Elite” QB |

Go ahead and erase Chris Long from your memory, Rams’ fans. And while you’re at it, forget about Sam Bradford too...the Rams got their franchise QB in 2008.

Ranking the Past 50 No. 1 Overall Picks |

Last year, Jared Goff became the 50th player selected first overall since the AFL and NFL combined drafts. With the 51st No. 1 overall pick coming up on April 27 in Philadelphia, Elliot Harrison decided to take a look at all 50 No. 1 overall picks from the common and modern draft era and rank them from best to worst

Richard Sherman availability makes Trumaine Johnson trade harder | ESPN

A better corner within the division is on the market, making it hard for the Rams to trade

Top Sleepers in the 2017 NFL Draft | CBS Sports

Anyone can get lucky and draft a Pro Bowler in the first round. It takes an ability to find “diamonds in the rough” in the middle and late rounds to stick as a scout in the NFL, however.

Melvin Gordon Isn’t Feeding L.A. Rivalry with Gurley | Pro Football Talk

After a break of a few years, running backs returned to the first round of the NFL Draft when Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon were taken in the top 15 picks in 2015. That created a link between the two backs that got stronger over the last year.

Three Draft Needs for the Rams | Pro Football Focus

The Rams' roster has several needs that could be addressed in the draft. Analyst Jordan Plocher identifies three of the biggest ones.

Rams top ticket revenue | Turf Show Times

With the excitement of LA, the Rams contributed the most......

Big play Baylor receiver to visit Rams | Turf Show Times

The Rams are terrible at offense... this makes sense

Another receiver ready to visit Rams | Turf Show Times

Grambling’s Chad Williams has a Rams visit on the docket

Rams sign Carlos Thompson | Turf Show Times

Who? A depth piece for the Rams

Rams Podcast | Inside the Rams

Latest pod from “Inside the Rams”

Todd Gurley: Glass half full | Fansided Ramblin Fan

Gurley had a sophomore slump, let’s hope he’ll rebound

Sam Bradford since he left the Rams | Ramswire

Bradford has been decent since being traded away....