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2017 Los Angeles Rams Undrafted Free Agent Roster

Here’s the official UDFA crop for the 2017 Rams.

USC RB Justin Davis
USC RB Justin Davis
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA ATH Ishmael Adams

Ishmael is a hell of an athlete, though his frame is going to immediately limit him to special teams. Can he find a way on to the 53-man from special standout or to something he can offer either side of the ball?

Arkansas CB Jared Collins

Collins is in a similar situation. Skills. And moreso than Adams, position-dependent technique. But frame issues persist. Can he offer something beyond specials? If not, can he break the wall?

Colorado St. ILB Kevin Davis

Moves well, but doesn’t play the position to attack. Does he break through the special teams wall?

USC RB Justin Davis

Davis was part of a rotation at USC featuring with Ronald Jones the last two years. He leaves with solid production, albeit limited skills outside of speed. Could he make the 53-man as a burner to complement Gurley and the current depth chart?

Washington G Jake Eldrenkamp

The Rams, surprisingly, didn’t draft a single offensive lineman. That obviously leans in favor of the UDFA O-linemen to give them a shot at cracking the 53-man roster over the fringe guys of years past. Eldrenkamp is an athletic option without the brute force of a man run blocking guard. He’s got a shot.

New Mexico St. C Anthony McMeans

Opposite of Eldrenkamp. Chunky plodder. I suppose there’s legitimacy here too, but it’s an either-or decision.

Oregon TE Johnny Mundt

Mundt was a highly-sought after prospect out of high school coming out of Modesto, California. Injuries really destabilized the middle of his career, though, and as such he saw his place in the pecking order as teammate TE Pharoah Brown often played the preferred TE. He put in some decent performances in 2016 though. If that’s indicative of some late growth in his game, perhaps he’s just now coming into his skill set and could be a surprise in camp.

Dartmouth OLB Folarin Orimolade

I do not watch much Ivy League football. I do now know much about Ivy League football. There are things on the internet, such as Orimolade’s YouTube account which includes two videos of highlights.

Missouri CB Aarion Penton

Fiesty, but very undersized for the position. Can he offer anything past special teams?

Ohio DL Casey Sayles

Willing and able. There’s not an angle of his game that’s special, but nothing is overwhelmingly deficient. Legit option for depth, though the Rams already have plenty. Were the Rams light up front, I could see an easy path. They’re I don’t.

North Carolina St. DB Dravious Wright

Wright has some versatility coming out of Raleigh. He’s got an interesting build that may offer him an option at safety along with his nickel corner experience. I remember a couple of big hits throughout his career, so that physicality will certainly be something to look out for.