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TRANSCRIPT: LA Rams Rookie OLB Ejuan Price Conference Call

Here’s what the Rams’ new man out of Pitt had to say.

Pitt OLB Ejuan Price
Pitt OLB Ejuan Price
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams OLB Ejuan Price

(On how he will fit into Rams Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips’ 3-4 defensive scheme)

“I think naturally I’m a 3-4 outside linebacker, so I couldn’t have asked for a better fit. I’m just blessed to have this opportunity. I’m just grateful that it finally came around after three long days. I think I’ll fit right in with what I do. My specialty is penetration and pass rush so I think I can definitely be useful.”

(On if he thought his injury history was going to impact where he got drafted)

“The draft is so unpredictable, I’ve tried to keep my expectations pretty much even, but I thought I had two really good years these last two years. I just expected to have an opportunity and I’m blessed that I do now. No matter when it comes, it’s all even when you put the pads on so I’m just grateful to be a Ram today.”

(On his injury history)

“I had a torn pectoral in 2012, a stress fracture in my lower back in 2013 and I tore my other pectoral in 2014. Before then and ever since then I’ve been 100 percent healthy, so I wouldn’t really label myself as injury prone, but it is what it is.”

(On if he had contact with the Rams before the draft)

“We had conversations with a couple people, but you never really know what’s what until they pick you. Yeah, we definitely had some conversations and I’m just thankful that they thought highly enough of me to pick me at this point in the draft.”

(On if he has had any contact with Aaron Donald)

“Yeah, I know him. I’ll probably talk to him in a little bit, but I haven’t talked to him today. I’ve been getting a lot of calls from teams. I’ve been really busy this last half an hour to an hour or so. I’m sure we’ll link up and speak on it at one point.”

(On if he has ever worked out with Donald at Pittsburgh)

“No, I’ve been seeing him around for years. We played on the same team for a bit and we were rivals in high school. We never got the opportunity to link up and work out when he comes back to Pittsburgh because I was in college doing my thing and he was in the pros doing his thing so time schedules didn’t really permit. We go to the same trainer now, so I’m sure we’ll have some sessions in the summer time.”