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LA Rams Go CB, WR In New 2017 NFL Mock Draft

Mock Monday rolls on with a new mock from Draft Wire’s Luke Easterling.

USC CB Adoree' Jackson
USC CB Adoree' Jackson
Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

A new mock draft from Draft Wire’s Luke Easterling has a completely different offering than the one we covered this morning from NFL Media’s Chad Reuter.

Things start off comfortably:

2-37: USC CB Adoree’ Jackson

Jackson grew up a Rams fan having moved from the St. Louis area to the LA area in high school before starring at USC. There are gripes about his specific skill set, but his athleticism and headliner status in LA make him an easy fit for a mock.

As I’m somewhat forced to mention from here on out, no team in the last decade following a season in which they had the worst offense in the NFL has avoided taking an offensive player following a season in as long as the Rams would here. It’s certainly a legitimate possibility, but it’s not the kind of history you want to make.

In Round 3, Easterling flips the Rams to the other side of the ball:

3-69: Penn State WR Chris Godwin

I’ve seen a growing base behind Godwin on the internets in the last few weeks. It’s easy to understand why. The measurables are there. Production was solid the last two seasons even in 2015 when PSU’s offense sucked. Sucked bad. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal bad.

I do wonder if Godwin is a WR1 or if he’s just another good player to stick in the stable a la Robert Woods. Not that that makes it a bad pick, but the Rams have been without a legitimate WR1 for more than a decade (a fact that isn’t unrelated to the Rams going on 13 seasons without a winning record). If Rams Head Coach Sean McVay is going to turn things around with Goff at QB, can the Rams go WR by committee without a clear target at the top of the depth chart?

It’d be tough to disparage a CB-WR pairing on Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft. Unlike Reuter’s mock that relied heavily on a long-term vision of the Rams under McVay and drafted heavily toward a Best Player Available strategy, this mock clearly attacks needs. And needs-based drafting always feels good. Throw in the Jackson hometown/fan angle, and you’ve got the makings of a good narrative. Lord knows Rams COO Kevin Demoff would have no issues with this pairing.

Does it hit the mark for you? With 2017 a wash year to set up the roster for future successes under McVay, does it make sense to go this needs-heavy early on?