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TRANSCRIPT: LA Rams Rookie WR Josh Reynolds Conference Call

Here’s what the Aggies’ standout wide receiver had to say.

Texas A&M WR Josh Reynolds
Texas A&M WR Josh Reynolds
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams WR Josh Reynolds

(On what he brings to the Rams)

“Definitely intensity. I’m a playmaker and can play pretty much anywhere they need. I’m a winner and I’d love to help this team win.”

(On if he had a workout or meeting with the Rams prior to the draft)

“I took a visit, probably about three or four weeks ago, and I loved it. I love the vibe, I loved the energy they had and it seemed like they liked me. It seemed like the Rams liked me a lot. I developed a connection with them and how we get to develop it even more.”

(On how he uses his height and if it’s been an advantage for him in college)

“It’s helped me a lot. I feel like I’m an (inaudible) receiver, I’m versatile, my height was just a bonus, and really having long arms, just being long.”

(On going against the Alabama defensive backs the last few seasons)

“I definitely had to adjust my game to the different guys. And I did, but they just have real styles, they were real technical guys.”

(On his first impressions of Head Coach Sean McVay and how the phone call went)

“The phone call was a little R-rated, but they’re definitely happy to have me and I’m definitely happy to be a Ram. We’re going to get this thing rolling.”