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TRANSCRIPT: LA Rams Rookie S John Johnson Conference Call

Here’s what the Rams’ newest defensive back had to say.

Boston College S John Johnson
Boston College S John Johnson
Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams S John Johnson

(On if he had any contact with the Rams before the draft and if he thought he was on their radar)

“I knew there was a shot. I’ve had informal interviews with the Rams. I knew there was a shot but I wouldn’t say they were on me hot. I always knew there was a shot, so it was good to get my name called.”

(On if he sees himself as a safety or a cornerback)

“I think I fit best as a safety, although I think I have a corner body type. I came into Boston College as a corner. I like covering man–to–man and I like covering intermediate zone. So, I think I have a corner body but I think I fit best as a safety.”

(On coming into play under Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips)

“My excitement level is through the roof. I had two great coordinators in (Boston College Defensive Coordinator) Jim Reid and Coach (former Boston College Defensive Coordinator) Don Brown and coach Phillips is that type of scheme and that type of style so I think I’ll fit right in.”

(On how playing in the ACC is going to help him transition into the NFL)

“I think the ACC is the best college football conference in America. We have various polls that say it’s the best competition. The ACC has a lot of guys in the NFL, so it prepared me and I’m just ready to go.”