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2017 NFL Draft: Day 2 Live Thread Pt. II - Dates, Schedule, Times, Order, TV Channels, More

Buckle up.

The 2017 NFL Draft
The 2017 NFL Draft
Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Welp. From the last open thread to this one...A LOT CHANGED.

But hey, we got a new weapon for Head Coach Sean McVay, Offensive Coordinator Matt LaFleur and franchise QB Jared Goff to work with, and we added another Day 2 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. I’m down.

Keep it here.

Time - Round 1: Friday, April 28, 7pm ET/4pm PT

Where: Eakins Oval, Philadelphia Museum of Art - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Television Coverage: NFL Network and ESPN

Internet Streams: Live

Selection Time Limits - Day 2: Round 2 – 7 minutes per pick; Round 3 – 5 minutes per pick

2017 NFL Draft LA Rams Draft Results

Round Pk (Rd) Pk (Ovr) Player POS School
Round Pk (Rd) Pk (Ovr) Player POS School
2 12 44 Gerald Everett TE South Alabama
3 5 69 Cooper Kupp WR Eastern Washington
3 26 91 John Johnson S Boston College
4 10 117 Josh Reynolds WR Texas A&M
4 18 125 Samson Ebukam OLB Eastern Washington
6 5 189 Tanzel Smart DT Tulane
6 22 206 Sam Rogers FB Virginia Tech
7 16 234 Ejuan Price OLB Pitt