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The LA Rams Really Wanted Evan Engram. What Are Their Options on Day 2 of the 2017 NFL Draft?

Many thought the Ole Miss tight end was going to fall into the Rams lap at pick 37.

Memphis v Mississippi Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

According to a few sources, the Los Angeles Rams were really interested in selecting Ole Miss TE Evan Engram when they were on the clock with the 37th pick of the 2017 NFL Draft (h/t to TST’s investigative reporter Sosa Kremenjas).

But the New York Giants had others plans, spoiling the Rams’ chances of taking the dynamic, playmaking tight end when they drafted him with the 23rd pick on Thursday night.

What now?

According to Rams’ GM Les Snead, there’s at least one player they really like that could become available at 37. And trading up, or down, aren’t off the table.

The way we would do it is – and when we say five players, heck, ‘scenario A’ would be – let’s just call it ‘scenario one,’ that’ll be our favorite player. If he’s there, you take him. And then, it goes down from there. Let’s just say that player gets taken at (No.) 33, then we got to move to ‘scenario two, three, four, and five.’ I do think trading up and trading back also becomes a scenario. That’s what tonight and tomorrow morning, and pretty much all day we’ll try to figure out that.

And there are still some very talented players at the top of Round 2. Last night, while juggling his investigative reporter duties, Sosa also dropped a list of best players available at the end of Round 1 here at TST. That short list is loaded with talented players - on both sides of the ball - many of which are considered 1st round talents.

As Snead noted, the Rams could move around a little bit to start Day 2. But the direction they choose to go remains to be seen, and ultimately it relies upon which player(s) they’re hoping to grab.

What would it cost either way? The Draft Trade Value Chart serves as an excellent tool to ballpark these types of situations.

Two (completely random) scenarios involving a move up/down could include:

Bundling picks 37 with, let’s say, pick 112 (4th).

According to the chart, 37 (530 points) and 112 (70) points, would be slightly generous for the 33rd pick (580 points). The Rams could probably ask for that team (the Packers) to throw in their 5th round compensatory pick (182 - 18.6 points).

If a player like Forrest Lamp is the one they’re after, and assuming Green Bay is interested in moving down, the Rams would almost have to do this. Seattle sits at 34, and the chances of them just welcoming a division rival into their spot is...well, highly unlikely.

The other option, assuming they think there’s a guy they love that will still be available is to trade down. For instance,

Trade down 5 spots, to 42, acquiring another pick around No. 100

Let’s say the Rams and Saints can come to an agreement where the Rams drop back five spots (to 42), and the Saints move up to draft a player they really like. This one would require a little work, but a deal could be done if the Rams offered 37 and their 5th round pick (149), totaling 561.8 points, for pick 42 and the Saints’ 4th (103), which total 566 points.

The numbers won’t always line up perfectly, so if the Rams found another trade partner, they could potentially gain multiple picks; especially if they’re acquiring them in the late 4th-6th rounds, where draft slots hold a very low value on the trade chart (could be anywhere between 45-15 points).

Stay Put at 37

JuJu Smith-Schuster, duh!

These, obviously, are hypotheticals. The Rams could very easily stay put and have the player - in Snead’s “Scenario A” - fall right in their laps. But that could be a long wait, while the Packers, Seahawks, Jaguars, and Bears make their selections. And who’s to say another team doesn’t jump in front of the Rams and take the player they really want?

But if we know one thing about Les Snead, it’s that he doesn’t mind moving up/down during the Draft.

Which of these scenarios would you prefer the Rams do on Day 2 of the Draft? Or, using the trade chart, what are some other possible avenues the Rams could take?