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Turf Show Times — Jeanna Thomas Special

Misone Adiasor and Josh Webb are joined by Jeanna Thomas to talk about LA Rams O.C. Matt LaFleur and how the Rams should go about their draft.

Lucio Ourique

Turf Show Radio returns with a bang. Misone Adiasor (@MightyOrMisone) and Josh Webb(@FightOnTwist) talk about the 2017 NFL Draft, Los Angeles Rams' OC Matt LaFleur, and how he will develop out the talent on offense with explosive and dynamic play-makers. Joining the guys to break all this down is SB Nation NFL and Falcoholics staff writer, Jeanna Thomas (@jeannathomas), who brings Confucius-level knowledge.

On this week's show, Misone and Josh get schooled on the personality, approach, and philosophy of Matt LaFleur. More than that, Thomas explores the possibilities for the Rams in tomorrow's NFL Draft. Should the Rams bolster the offensive line?; Should the Rams draft a wide receiver? If so, which receiver should they try to nab and how much will it cost them to make the move at all?

Jeanna also chimes in on Joe Mixon. How should the NFL approach Mixon's Draft? What is the female perspective on guys like Dalvin Cook and Joe Mixon? How much of a PR nightmare would it be to draft one of these guys in the early rounds? Should the NFL have a policy for entrants convicted of domestic violence, sexual assault, assault, or cruelty to animals?

Also on this week's show: The guys discuss the worst movies of all time, the most overrated bands of all time, and whether or not Air Raid quarterbacks can ever be successful in the NFL. Thanks to Jeanna for giving us over an hour of her time and for bringing her A+ game, she is dialed in and fully understands the enormous potential for success LaFleur can have in Los Angeles.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!