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2017 NFL Draft: Five Bold Predictions For The LA Rams

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In his bold predictions, Misone delivers some thought-provoking moves that could turn the Rams around.

NFL Draft Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

You never know what might happen in any given NFL Draft. There's always some surprises that leaves the NFL world and fans shocked. And there will always be moves, that reshape the entire landscape of the draft.

Los Angeles Rams General Manager Les Snead, is on record to admitting the goal is to leave the draft with explosive playmakers. He and Head Coach Sean McVay have claimed to even have the word “explosive” plastered in their offices as well as the draft war room. One can only expect the Rams will add speed and gamebreakers on both sides of the ball.

But to acquire playmakers all over and specifically the ones you want, you have to be aggressive and bold. So here we have, five extremely bold predictions for the Los Angeles Rams in the 2017 NFL Draft:

  1. The Rams will draft one of three players with their first pick: Western Michigan WR Corey Davis, Washington WR John Ross, or Wisconsin OLB T.J. Watt (picking Watt may have a ripple effect on the rest of their draft later).
  2. In order to land any of these players with their first pick, they'd likely have to move up. So that's what they'll do. The Rams will find a trade partner between picks 19 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) and pick 25 (Houston Texans), (word is Tampa is already talking trading down).
  3. The Rams will draft Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon in the third round.
  4. It's no secret the Rams need some help on defense at all three levels; however, they'll address only two starting with the secondary. The Rams will draft a safety, and will follow that pick with two defensive linemen. No linebackers will be taken in this draft, and there will be no corners drafted. However, if the Rams draft T.J. Watt, instead of two defensive linemen they wont draft any, and will draft two corners but no safety.
  5. The Rams will trade a future draft pick, and both 2017 sixth-round picks to move up and gain a pick in the fourth round.

There you have it. Bold predictions are bold and crazy. The Rams are also bold and crazy. However, bold predictions are hardly ever right....but they are fun to do.

Only time will tell, just how crazy — and creative — the Rams can get...