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(VIDEO) Ram It Down Your Throat: Schedule Release Edition

Blaine Grisak and Josh Webb discuss the 2017 LA Rams' schedule release and what fans can look forward to over the next nine months.

The NFL Schedule was released on Thursday. How will the Los Angeles Rams fare? Blaine Grisak (@bxgrisak1993) and Josh Webb (@FightOnTwist) are back at it with another episode of Ram it Down Your Throat, a show much like Firs Take or Undisputed, but all Rams.

In this episode the guys break down three questions:

1.) Will the Rams win more than 8 games?

The Los Angeles Rams haven't had a winning season in 13 years. Can they get to magic number nine in 2017? The team has the 15th easiest schedule and will have a new head coach in Sean McVay that could bring them new life.

2.) Do the Rams deserve more than one primetime game?

The Rams received just one primetime game in 2017 which will be played in San Francisco in week 3 against the 49ers on Thursday Night Football. Do the Rams deserve more? The Chargers received two primetime games while the Rams received just their one. Being in a new market in LA should the NFL be showcasing the Rams to draw interest or does the team need to win first?

3.) Did the Rams receive a fair schedule?

Up until last night, we knew who the Rams would play. We just didn't know when they would play them and what the travel schedule would be like. Unlike last year in which the Rams had two home games in the first nine weeks, this year they play their first two games at home. However, in the middle of the season, they will be without a true home game for over a month. Is the Rams schedule fair?

Be sure to let us know who's side your on and give us your thoughts. If you have any topics that you want the guys to discuss let them know in the comments!