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Rams Re-Shuffling Scouting Department: Targeting Ravens Joe Hortiz

Will a new scouting department fix the Rams’ draft woes?

Jamal Lewis Press Conference Photo by Barry Williams/Getty Images

According to Jason La Canfora, here is a series of tweets with the Los Angeles Rams’ intention to fix their scouting department after letting multiple scouts go just a week ago:

Like Canfora said, Hortiz has been with the Ravens for over two decades now, which is very impressive. The Rams would be smart to look at one of the best front offices in the league, particularly under Ozzie Newsome’s tutelage. If Hortiz can bring anything of similar talent to Los Angeles, that’d be a massive steal.

According to the Ravens official site, Hortiz is responsible for: “Hortiz is responsible for all aspects of the college process, coordinating the schedules and cross-checking duties of the area and regional scouts. Hortiz also manages the team’s draft preparation and the evaluation and ranking process of hundreds of NFL draft-eligible prospects.”

For a guy who started in Baltimore as a personal assistant, and to work his way all the way to director of college scouting is extremely impressive. Hortiz is absolutely in play for Les Snead and the Rams, who are looking to add new talent to their front office.