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What's the situation with Trumaine Johnson?

Is the Tru situation at a current stalemate?

Back at it again, myself and fellow Los Angeles Rams fan Nick Galaretta come back to you with a video on the whole situation with Trumaine Johnson. There's so many options to go with in terms of the situation, and we break down all the scenarios, but we also choose which we would like to play out.

Many have been wondering about Tru and the whole situation, but it seems most likely he'll play this season with the Rams, and they'll revisit the situation again next off-season. That doesn't bring a whole lot of confidence to me because we've now failed to sign him in consecutive off-seasons, making me question if the front office really values Trumaine Johnson the way he and his agent do. But, there's also a few other routes the Rams could take if they chose to do so.

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